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  • image of book

    I Learned to Step Up. Did You?

    A major part of this writer’s life has come about because of a simple thing from my childhood. My parents taught me to reach out and try different things. At […]

  • Elaine cougler headshot

    A New Headshot–Why?

    Yup, that’s the real me. And I’m actually rather proud of that picture taken at a family gathering last fall. Sometimes those casual pics when you’re relaxed and having fun […]

  • Elaine cougler headshot

    I Can Hear My Mom Singin’

    For this month’s blog post I’ve had to summon up all my courage. All my life I’ve been a performer of one kind or another. I was a teacher for […]

  • Keeping Our History Alive

    Yesterday I visited the foyer of the county building in downtown Woodstock ON to look over the offerings of historical books on sale there. Wow! I found some gems. Here […]

  • man and guitar in front of Harvard airplane

    Red Petalled Flower

    A couple of days ago I was reminded that Remembrance Day is almost upon us when a friend posted a lovely performance on Facebook. Ted Comiskey is the man who […]

  • highway with fall trees in full colour

    Photos: Facts and Frustrations

      Last week my husband and I headed east on the 401, past Toronto via the 407 and further on to the turnoff for Prince Edward County where I was […]

  • How do You Do It?

    “How Do You Do It?” That question often meets me as I come away from the podium. So often, in fact, that I thought I’d write about how I accomplish […]

  • red-polka-dotted-coffee-pot-

    What is my Book About?

    Just now I have 3 writing projects percolating around in my brain. One of them is in production, with lots of writers submitting stories for my new anthology, Canada: Brave […]

  • book cover Once Upon a Wardrobe

    Once Upon a Wardrobe Book Review

    There are books upon books that I have read and enjoyed over the growing number of my reading years, and I am thankful for them. Then there are a select […]

  • Give Me a Few Volunteers Who Love History!

    Westfield Heritage Village first opened to the public in 1964. It was the culmination of the work of two teachers who purchased 30 acres of Ontario farmland near Rockton, Ontario […]