We’re having a book tour to celebrate the release of the third book in The Loyalist Trilogy–The Loyalist Legacy. Each weekday starting on November 7, web events are scheduled and readers can help us celebrate by joining in. More news is coming on just how so stay tuned. The first two books in the trilogy are still available on Amazon and this third one will be up there soon. Kindle and Kobo are coming, too. Mark the dates on your calendar and join in the fun! 🙂

Book Tour Dates and Agenda:

  1. November 7   Hook of a Book Review of The Loyalist Legacy

  2. November 8   Let us Talk of Many Things…  Guest Post

  3. November 9   Meyette’s Musings  Interview

  4. November 10 The Book Trail Review of The Loyalist Legacy

  5. November 11 Writer’s Treasure Chest  Guest Post

  6. November 14 Kristina Stanley Guest Post

  7. November 15 P.C. Zick Guest Post

  8. November 16 Cryssa Bazos Interview

  9. November 17 A Writer of History Guest Post

  10. November 18 Charlene Jones Soul Sciences site Podcast Interview

  11. November 21 Writer’s Treasure Chest Guest Post

  12. November 22 Hook of a Book Interview (live or taped)

  13. November 23 Annika Perry’s Writing Blog Book Release Post with excerpt

  14. November 24 Sally Moore’s Blog Interview

  15. November 25 Black Friday sale of The Loyalist Legacy on Amazon (link to come)













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