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Writing Life

  • I Can Hear My Mom Singin’

    For this month’s blog post I’ve had to summon up all my courage. All my life I’ve been a performer of one kind or another. I was a teacher for […]

  • Keeping Our History Alive

    Yesterday I visited the foyer of the county building in downtown Woodstock ON to look over the offerings of historical books on sale there. Wow! I found some gems. Here […]

  • man and guitar in front of Harvard airplane

    Red Petalled Flower

    A couple of days ago I was reminded that Remembrance Day is almost upon us when a friend posted a lovely performance on Facebook. Ted Comiskey is the man who […]

  • highway with fall trees in full colour

    Photos: Facts and Frustrations

      Last week my husband and I headed east on the 401, past Toronto via the 407 and further on to the turnoff for Prince Edward County where I was […]

  • How do You Do It?

    “How Do You Do It?” That question often meets me as I come away from the podium. So often, in fact, that I thought I’d write about how I accomplish […]

  • red-polka-dotted-coffee-pot-

    What is my Book About?

    Just now I have 3 writing projects percolating around in my brain. One of them is in production, with lots of writers submitting stories for my new anthology, Canada: Brave […]

  • book cover Once Upon a Wardrobe

    Once Upon a Wardrobe Book Review

    There are books upon books that I have read and enjoyed over the growing number of my reading years, and I am thankful for them. Then there are a select […]

  • Give Me a Few Volunteers Who Love History!

    Westfield Heritage Village first opened to the public in 1964. It was the culmination of the work of two teachers who purchased 30 acres of Ontario farmland near Rockton, Ontario […]

  • image officer in uniform historically

    Step Back into History at Old Fort Henry

    May 21, 2022 was opening day for one of the most interesting forts in our Canadian history, Fort Henry, often referred to as Old Fort Henry. My constant travelling companion […]

  • Call for Submissions: An Anthology!

    I have often called myself a flag-waving Canadian; hence, my delight at offering this opportunity to the writers among you whose family stories fit into this niche. I am seeking […]


Praise for Elaine’s Books

“Elaine, I enjoyed reading your story about growing up in Oxford County. (My Story, My Song) As I read along  I kept saying to myself …yes, I remember that. I knew/ know some of the people you mentioned as well. Your river story reminded me of our three season farm ponds which were so massive we felt sorry for the poor kids in town who had to skate in a circle and could only change direction when the whistle blew. I was not impressed with that when I first skated in an arena and yes I also started out with second hand  black skates.” Bernice

“Elaine, I just finished your book, The Loyalist’s Daughter. It was a great read and is hard to imagine how someone can put together such a book. Well done!”
Terry and Sally

“We both loved The Loyalist’s Daughter.  So happy we have a ‘signed’ copy.  Thanks for doing that.” Carol and Dennis.

“What a remarkable book!  I just finished yesterday….It is one of those books that, at the end of each chapter, the urge is to ‘just read one more chapter’ before turning out the light….I had no idea what is involved in organizing such a fund raising venture and ventures across Canada and you explained it so well….[This] book that you wrote on his life and huge contributions needed to be written….Thanks for putting your writing skills to work into the life of Ron Calhoun.” John Snoddy

“Just finished your first book in your Loyalist trilogy – really, really enjoyed it. Those folks sure were hardy types in those days – I don’t think I could even survive a walk to the outhouse – hahaha. Looking forward to reading the next one.” Lisa Hutchison

“I loved the book. [The Man Behind the Marathons] So glad for the way you set it up. It kept me reading.  And then the section on Ron came just as I was about headed to Google to see what led Ron to be the guy he was. The quality of the paper was a real asset.  Top quality for a top quality story about a top quality guy. Congratulations.  I felt your heart in every page. Thanks for letting me have an early look at the book.  Very cherished.”     Sue Hilborn

“Just finished your book. [The Man Behind the Marathons] It is great – so many interesting things about Terry and Steve (whom I had forgotten about). Ron’s story is, if possible, even more interesting. I can see why you were drawn into his life as a suitable subject for your first nonfiction. I did wonder how Ron’s one set of clothes washed by his mother every night were dry for school the next morning . . . and which race your ‘young daughter’ beat you in.” Wayne C.

“Just finished all three and enjoyed the stories as they were woven into the history of that area. Congratulations!” Lorrie Miller on Facebook, reacting to The Loyalist Legacy‘s Chill With a Book Award.

“It was a pleasure to be at the LWS meeting last night. Great information shared. Love your books and writing style. I will give them as gifts. They bring this time in history to life in a way that one will never forget. Thank you!” Rosemary

“Elaine Cougler has written a page-turning novel of the American Revolution through the eyes of a conflicted loyalist soldier and his indomitable wife. You’ll feel the hardship of homesteading, the fear of the enemy, the blows of battle, and the pain of separation. You’ll be transported through history. This is not just a novel written about another time, it seems written in another time.” Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans, Stephen Leacock medal winner

“I bought all three books at Probus club meeting in London. I loved the stories. I am now a student reading more about the war of 1812. Thank you for your stories. Love your writing style.” Gwen Moore

“I was delighted with the way you handled the Norwich Rebellion in the last Loyalist book, Elaine, and have heard many positive comments about it.” Marie A.

“I’m an impatient reader. If my interest isn’t piqued right from the get-go, I simply don’t continue reading the book. Both of the Loyalist books drew me in immediately!” Elaine B

“The Loyalist’s Luck is one of the best sequels I’ve read in a long time. It picks up right where The Loyalist’s Wife left off and takes the reader to Canada with a group of Loyalists escaping the American Revolution.” Denise F